Máirín de Burca – Faces of Fairview Faces of Fairview Exhibition Máirín de Burca - Faces of Fairview If you don’t know who Máirín de Burca is, I would suggest taking the time to watch Cathal Black’s documentary 5 Red Roses which is an interesting portrayal of Máir... READ MORE Edge Hardware Store – Victor Edge Portrait Photographer Victor Edge from Edge Hardware Store in Fairview needs no introduction to most of you. His store has been in Fairview for over 100 years and runs through 3 generations‼️ Aside from bein... READ MORE Bright lights, big city. New York, New York!! Uncategorized It was nearly a year ago John took me to New York City. Two weeks of my life that will be unforgettable. The memories are filled with the smell of the subway, followed by the noise of cars, people and... READ MORE Jane Reddy – The eternal hippie! Portrait Photographer Environmental portraits have almost come to me by chance. I never set out to do them but when people started asking I was more than happy to oblige and soon discovered that I absolutely loved them. Fo... READ MORE Phoenix Park, Emma + John Weddings As the Phoenix Park was very important to Emma and John, it made sense for us to go there to do their portraits. We chose distinct monuments and routes that John adores... READ MORE Finnstown Castle Hotel, Carol + Tim Wedding Photography Before I start talking about the fantastic wedding reception that took place in Finnstown Castle Hotel I would like to start by congratulating... READ MORE