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Clonabreany House, Anne & Sven

May 19, 2018

Clonabreany House has a lovely little history to it which dates right back to the 17th Century. In 1998 the current owners bought the land piece by piece and over the next 10 years set out to restore the old ruins into the beautiful building we see today. You drive into the countryside of Meath to discover stunning stable quarters to your left and at the top of a little hill is the most picturesque view of the house amidst lush green grass, colourful flowers, cows and sheep and all the blues of the sky. Colour, Colour, Colour! There is instantly a feeling of warmth and homeliness that I personally love in a venue. Having got to know Anne and Sven over the last couple of months there was no other venue for them but this one.

Both Anne and Sven are exceptionally good GAA footballers so it was fate that brought them together at a football physiotherapy appointment. What I can only imagine must have been serious laughs and chats led to a first date of disco dancing in Tamangoes night club. 10 years later, on their anniversary, Sven proposed in beautiful Glendalough. Choosing Glendalough for their engagement shoot was a no brainer. These two are what you would call a solid couple – they’re best mates and they compliment each other in every way. Sven loves Anne’s fiery personality and Anne his quirky sense of humour.

Forecast to be a rainy dark day right up until the night before, I couldn’t believe it when I woke up in the morning to blue skies and the lovely warmth of summer. Both Anne and Sven prepared for their big day in their parent’s homes. A relaxed and jovial atmosphere filled the rooms of both houses. Their ceremony venue was St Sylvester’s Church in Malahide.

Blue skies and sun shining still, we proceeded off to Clonabreany House. The weather allowed us to walk down to the Fairy Garden for portraits and back up to do family portraits with the colourful farmlands in the background. A spontaneous photo-bomb by the talented 4inaBar lads was incredibly entertaining. Finally without any effort at all (which I still can’t get my head around) everyone rounded to the front of the house for a wedding group shot. Thinking back, I am pretty sure I could have fallen out that window I was leaning out so much but these are the crazy things us photographers do for a shot.

The speeches were incredibly funny as well as emotional. There was a true sense of love and support from all the guests. Sven’s speech, well, let’s just say he nailed it. The party was well and truly into the swing of things when I left Clonabreany House late that night and I have no doubt it went on into the wee hours of the morning in true Anne and Sven style.

The whole day was just perfect and I am pretty sure that a little angel up the skies had something to do with the sudden weather change.

Congratulations Anne and Sven. You are such a fun, caring and vivacious couple. Wishing you a lifetime of colour, travel, festivals and love.

Dena xx

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detail shots at Clonabreany House, Navanportraits bride and groom walking down the road at Clonabreany House, Meath. Portrait of bride and groom at the stables at Clonabreany House, MeathPortraits of bride and groom at The stables at Clonabreany House, MeathPortrait of bride and groom in the Fairy Gardens at Clonabreany House, Meath, Bridal party portrait at Clonabeany HousePortrait of the groomsmen at Clonabreany House, Meath4inabar photobombing a portrait session at Clonabreany House, Meathspeeches at Clonabreany House, Meathspeeches and cake cutting at Clonabreany House, Meathbride and groom first dance, guest dancing at Clonabreany House, Meath

Venue: Clonabreany House

Flowers: VP Flowers

Cake: Cupcake Store

Hair: April Walsh, Red Velvet

Make-up: Hazel Skinner MAC

Rings: Fields

Suits: Love Suits

Bridesmaids Dresses: Neola

Dress: Ciara Bridal- Powerscourt

Musicians: Soul Purpose


Video: Gerry Duffy