Faces of Fairview

April 21, 2019 Fairview Veterinary Hospital – Ciaran Tuite Fairview Veterinary Hospital is never a quiet place! I knew I would have to take a small window of time when I could get it to visit the people there. Whilst sitting in the waiting area, I saw a few ... VIEW POST
April 20, 2019 The Tuesday Club – Faces of Fairview The Tuesday Club, Faces of Fairview, Portraits, portrait photography, wedding photographer dublin, portrait photographer Dublin The Tuesday Club Anne Forde, together with many of the volunteers you see in this photograph, developed the idea for The Tuesday Club about 10 years ago. They realised that there was a large part o... VIEW POST
April 16, 2019 Mud Island Community Garden Mud Island Community Garden, Portraits, Portrait photography, portrait photographer Dublin, Faces of Fairview The Mud Island Community Garden. Nestled behind the houses just off the North Strand lies a beautiful oasis of trees, flowers and herbs. A garden created by the people, for the people of the area, ... VIEW POST
April 2, 2019 Bram’s Cafe – Jimmy Bowler Bram's Cafe, portrait photography, portrait, portrait photographer Dublin, photographer Dublin, Faces of Fairview Meet Jimmy, the owner of Bram's Cafe in Fairview. Jimmy named his cafe after the well-known author, Bram Stocker. During our shoot, Jimmy informed me that Bram Stoker lived just across the road from ... VIEW POST
March 29, 2019 Edel Leahy – The trees of Fairview Edel Leahy, the woman who saved the trees of Fairview! If mother nature had a face, to me, it would be Edel. From the minute I met Edel, I was overwhelmed by her wondrous and enigmatic personali... VIEW POST
March 25, 2019 Kennedy’s Food Store – Sarah Kennedy Kennedy's Food Store, Faces of Fairview, portrait, portrait photography, environmental portraits, portrait photographer Dublin Kennedy's Food Store will always have a very special place in my heart. From the minute I started working there I knew there was something unique about it. A buzzy, cosey and super friendly establ... VIEW POST
March 16, 2019 Marino AFC Girls Soccer Academy – Faces of Fairview Marino AFC Football Academy, faces of fairview, portrait photography, portrait photographer Dublin, portraits, fairview, girls football Meet Catherine, Paul and the lovely Layla, founders of the Marino AFC Girls Soccer Academy. 9 years ago, they felt it was important to get their daughter Ava involved in a sport and sought to see if ... VIEW POST
March 13, 2019 Martin McGowan – Faces of Fairview Martin McGowan, Faces of Fairview, Portrait photography, portrait photographer Dublin, portraits, environmental portraits Martin McGowan Dublin is such a small city! After researching this project I realised Martin is the father of a dear friend and has also been John's mechanic for over 10 years! Martin has been asso... VIEW POST
March 10, 2019 Duggan Jewellers Ltd-Faces of Fairview Duggan Jewellers Ltd, faces of fairview, portrait, portrait photography, portrait photographer Dublin, wedding photographer Dublin I remember when John and I walked into Duggan Jewellers Ltd to speak with Damian about my project. I was blown away by his genuine interest and excitement for what I was doing. Naturally, when you st... VIEW POST
March 10, 2019 Bill Whelan – Faces Of Fairview Faces of Fairview, Portrait, portrait photography, portrait photographer Dublin Bill Whelan grew up in 289 Richmond Road. His bedroom overlooked the now, Luke Kelly bridge, which goes over the Tolka River. This was his mother’s family home. His aunt used to run Meaghars Pub on R... VIEW POST